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India in 2013!

First of all let me wish all my readers, friends and haters a 'Very Happy and SAFE New Year!' I am sure the events that took place in your life in the year 2012 were in synch with what I had predicted for you. And I hope that my predictions for the year 2013 would help you know what exactly can be expected in the coming 365 days, so that you are well prepared and well equipped.

Now let us move on.....

So who wants to be a millionaire?

"Will I ever win a jackpot?" "Do I have any luck with lotteries?" "Do you see any luck for me in gambling?" These are some of queries that are thrown to any astrologer from the day astrology was invented. The query has just taken a different form in the last decade, where in people have started asking astrologers, "do you see any luck for me in KBC?" (Kaun Banega Crorepathi - the Indian version of 'Who wants to be a millionaire?').

Whoever said a 'NO' to you!

"You need to believe in something. Whether you believe in yourself or you believe in God or you believe in some Guru or you believe in astrology or you believe in a particular religion or you believe in self-confidence - end of the day your belief in 'something' becomes a must to lead a happy and satisfactory life." These aren't my words. I heard a TV celebrity (whose name I forgot) speaking them, which made immense sense to me.

Visiting Malaysia, Singapore, & Hong Kong in March 2013!

I will be visiting Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong for clients' sake and to Bangkok for my sake in the month of March 2013. Here is my availability in these countries with the services offered. You can always drop a mail at if you need more clarification about my visits and services.

The herd mentality!

"Everyday women rape women, women rape men, men rape women, men rape men - then why this sudden uproar? Is it only because it was reported?" That was my status message on Facebook a couple of days back and I got a beautiful response from one of my FB friends with whom I have never interacted.

I never knew this part existed!

There is a thought provoking scene in the movie '3 idiots' where Madhavan and Sharman Joshi are worried about Aamir Khan's exam results. And when they find Aamir topping the class instead of flunking - their worries get transformed into unhappiness. It looks funny on the silver screen, but when it happens in real life - it changes your perspective about life forever!

"How to benefit from your readings?"

A client of mine who consulted me 2 years back, and for whom my predictions worked out perfectly well buzzed me on yahoo messenger to shoot a million dollar question today. "How to benefit from your readings?" This ain't an easy question to answer and I spent some 4-5 hours of meditation to find an answer to this wonderful question!

2013, 2014 - the years of death!

Osho beautifully says, death isn't the end of life - it is the climax of life. Hence whatever is created by God or human - has to die or get discarded one or the other day. Few people see it as a bad end, and a few others perceive the same as a new beginning. As an astrologer, I sometimes feel that I have an upper hand as I know who is going to die when (of course by looking at their horoscope.) And death, of close people or others, for me is just another aspect of prediction, which is clearly visible in anyone's natal chart.

Visiting Chennai, Mumbai, Kochi...!

I will be visiting Chennai for astrological consultations this weekend i.e., on 7th, 8th and 9th December 2012. People who want to consult me in person can mail me at for appointments.

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