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Effect of Jupiter Transit 2013!

The planet Jupiter will be moving into Mithuna Lagna in the month of May 2013, and the effects of the same will start happening from the month of April 2013, and will go on till August 2013. People associated with me, my clients, my friends, the people reading this particular blog, their friends and their relatives will encounter the following important changes in the period mentioned above -

Will Nelson Mandela survive long?

I was reading a beautiful report on Nelson Mandela, which I have posted in this particular blog. As I was going through the report, my astrological side prompted something. Will the years 2013 and 2014 prove fatal for this great soul - and unfortunately the answer was yes! We will have to bid adieu to this great soul very soon.

E-mails that made me feel good :)

Though we live our lives to fulfil our own desires and aspirations, sometimes when you come across people who find themselves being benefitted by you knowingly or unknowingly - the happiness doubles - God knows for what reason. Here are three mails which I got in the month of March 2013 - which made me feel good about myself.

What I did this summer!

I was wondering who will be interested in knowing what I did this summer or last summer for that matter. But I thought - bloody who cares? Let me at least feel good about myself...hence the update...

Why the Thais hate Indians

I wanted to write a daily travelogue about my visits to Thailand, Hong Kong and Malaysia this time but then few experiences weren't that good that I could write about them immediately. This was my 2nd visit to Thailand in the last 2 years, and I should say things have definitely changed. The last time Thai Baht was half the value of Indian currency, and today it is double of Indian currency. If prostitution, ladyboys and Go Go bars can shoot your economy so much in just 24 months, India should seriously think on the same lines!

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