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Manipulation in astrology!

I wasn't an astrologer then. Also I had not yet started to learn astrology from anyone. I just loved the subject, and was naturally inclined towards this divine science - thanks to my lineage of course. And as part of God's bigger plan I was the man who was put behind the launch of the astrology portal of Sify. The website was ready to be launched with only one astrologer on the panel. As a staunch believer of astrology myself - I made the site online at the best possible time (muhurta) astrologically and the time was chalked by our very own astrologer.

I waited for 11 long years to pen this particular blog, while the content was composed and ready in my mind on the day I met our math wizard Shakuntala Devi personally in the year 2002. I never wanted to tell this episode to the world when she was still alive. Now that she is no more.....here it is....

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