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Predictions for Jupiter Transit 2013!

For Jupiter Transit 2012 I had predicted this for all those who were born in the Ascendant of Meena (Pisces).

Meena Lagna (Pisces Ascendant)

"You can expect - many short travels both for personal and professional reasons, visits to few prominent places of worship, and increase in inclination towards spiritual and religious literature."

And having born in the Ascendant of Meena myself, I checked recently if my predictions proved right for myself, and thankfully it did. I visited many places and countries between May 2012 and May 2013, I also visited couple of prominent places of worship, and as far as increase in inclination towards spiritual and religious literature is concerned it has always remained high.

Can this be predicted too?

Those were the days when I used to walk across people I have never met before and predict their past, present and future just like that without seeing their horoscopes. They were all amazed, and I was happy too with my new divine skill bestowed on me by the almighty. But it didn't last long. Not that I forgot the art of how to predict events by just looking at a person, but then I stopped it - because it didn't solve any purpose. People started to look at me as a magician, which I hated, and none understood the value of what I was doing. The first rule of life, which I understood after committing 1000s of mistakes, is - never give out anything free for none will respect it.

Investments and astrology!

Ninety per cent of the people seek astrological help only after they get totally fucked up. Honestly there is no point blaming them. I haven't seen anyone yet seeking a doctor's help when they are perfectly alright. Things have to go wrong for people to believe, and it goes wrong for everyone - or else astrology and astrologers would have never survived for hundreds of years now.

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