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Will India split into more states and countries?

It was in the year 2009 that I had predicted Andhra Pradesh will split in a matter of time. And it took close to 4 years for Telengana to be born - India's 29th state. Now the question is whether India will split into more states and countries in the coming years? The answer is a clear yes. The first separate country to be split away from India would either be from the South direction or North East direction of India. Let's wait and see....

Here is the link to what I had predicted in the year 2009 - http://askenni.com/2009/12/will-andhra-pradesh-split.html

Do we need 'Modi'fication?

You either hate him or love him, but you cannot ignore him. I belong to the former group. I hate him. I hate his party and also the ideologies on which the party was built and propagated. I am personally not a Congress lover either. I don't vote by choice, because I don't believe in the structure of democracy India takes pride in. And I can bet my head that until we change the structure of governance, India will never progress. Somewhere we need to touch base with reality that unfortunately democracy has failed and failed miserably as far as India is concerned.

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