Do we need 'Modi'fication?

Bookmark and Share You either hate him or love him, but you cannot ignore him. I belong to the former group. I hate him. I hate his party and also the ideologies on which the party was built and propagated. I am personally not a Congress lover either. I don't vote by choice, because I don't believe in the structure of democracy India takes pride in. And I can bet my head that until we change the structure of governance, India will never progress. Somewhere we need to touch base with reality that unfortunately democracy has failed and failed miserably as far as India is concerned.

People are generally aware of choices between good and bad. The opposite of bad need not be good. There are times when we are put in a situation where we need to choose between bad and worse. Bad - a stable secular government, with hell lot of problems and worse - an unstable non-secular government, with hell lot problems. Bad at least seems better than the worse in this case.

By giving a 'chance' to a new non-secular government what are we putting at stake? It is human lives. What do we really want - a promise of few developments or a fearless society? I personally would forego the seemingly impossible promise to a society where people belonging to a particular religion live in constant fear just because they are lesser in numbers.

India's problem was never in the governance as such, it was with the system and the people's mentality. And this sick Indian mentality is one of the strands in the DNA we carry - very deep rooted to be precise. So if we apply Darwin's theory of evolution it would take millions of years for any kind of improvement in the Indian species.

Even if God contests and wins the election to become the next Prime Minister of India - a common man will never get school admission for his children without corruption, he will never be able to register a house without corrupting the officials, he will never get his basic documents like ration card, election card, driving license, and passport without corruption, and after all the struggles if he fucking dies his family members will never get his death certificate without corruption.

It is the people who make a country. It is personal ethics, honesty, and attitude of each individual that forms an outlook of a particular nation. With all the basics wrongly placed among people of India, what major change can we expect from a fanatic leader? It is better to choose a bad government than to go in for a worse regime.

So if you are voting, vote responsibly :)

*The term 'modi'fication isn't mine. I picked it from someone who was using it.
*Kindly don't drop me any mail with your opinion about who should be the next PM.


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