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God provides me 'immortality' through Lucia!

Lucia is the name of a new drug in the market - a government approved drug that is highly addictive, and also lethal in some cases. It is advised for those who are completely unhappy about their lives and its happenings, and who are in a constant strive to change it to live a life of their own liking - which otherwise looks impossible in the real world. You can easily source it from any of the Nigerians, whom you spot around you. It comes in the form of a capsule and one capsule in the night, gives you a deep sleep along with dreams that unfolds 'linearly.' Yeah, you create a new world of yourself in the dream, and start living in an alternate life - a life you always wanted.

This time it is Asaram Bapu!

In the yearly prediction for India posted on December 31, 2012 - I had mentioned this along with other predictions - *scams and scandals involving spiritual people - here is the URL -

It is a million dollar question about, why do spiritual people get themselves entangled in these kinds of scandals? And if they do why do they get caught? Well finding themselves in these situations isn't new for holy people - even Jesus Christ was defamed with regards to Mary Magdaline who was supposed to be a whore in His times.

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