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How astrology helps

In the year 2004 when Jayendra Saraswathi was arrested for his possible involvement in a murder the media had a ball of a time. The media, which the innocent people across the globe think is always right, was highly successful in tarnishing the image of the seer, and also had succeeded in damaging the belief system of many. I know many a people personally who started abusing the saint. It is an irony that 90 per cent of the educated people don't understand the difference between accused and proven guilty. Plain accusation is enough to carry out a perfect character assassination.

What is wrong with Tarun Tejpal?

On one hand I am happy that the journalist clan - who celebrate their existence by unearthing the sizzling sex lives of saints and politicians - for the first time has come under microscope themselves. It is a complete turnaround of events and Tarun Tejpal - a 'hardcore' journalist - is now booked for rape. On the other hand I feel extremely sad because Tarun Tejpal is one my role models. I always appreciated him for the balls he had to do something that even the best journalists from across the globe will not dare to do in the field of journalism.

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