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Bookmark and Share In the year 2004 when Jayendra Saraswathi was arrested for his possible involvement in a murder the media had a ball of a time. The media, which the innocent people across the globe think is always right, was highly successful in tarnishing the image of the seer, and also had succeeded in damaging the belief system of many. I know many a people personally who started abusing the saint. It is an irony that 90 per cent of the educated people don't understand the difference between accused and proven guilty. Plain accusation is enough to carry out a perfect character assassination.

Today the seer is acquitted, and none seems to be bothered - the media is busy behind Tarun Tejpal's ass. Well I am sure in future Jayendra Saraswathi will be known more for his involvement than for his innocence.

Close to 10 years back I had written this particular blog -

Jayendra Saraswathi's arrest, part of spiritual process!

Kanchi Shankaracharya Jayendra Sarawati's arrest on 11th November indeed is a feast for the skeptic media to prey upon for some new sensationalism. The 4th estate, which otherwise is busy infusing us with news about 500 and odd culprits sitting inside the parliament, has got some worthwhile news that can shake people's trust and belief in religion and religious pursuits. The charge against the seer is that he had "played a significant" role in the murder of Sankararaman, Manager of Varadharaja Perumal Temple at Kancheepuram. I somehow wonder at the seer’s dumbness to have asked people to kill him in the temple premises, and leave enough evidences for the police to get him arrested! Any person with average IQ, before planning a murder would think about escaping from the crime, and the same not being followed by the enlightened soul is highly debatable.

And on September 4th, 2013 I had written this about Jayendra Saraswathi -

I personally know a woman, a close aide of Jayendra Saraswathi, who was offered Rs 4 lakhs by the Tamil Nadu Police Department to fabricate a story of sexual molestation against the Guru. It wasn't about the murder or about any sexual misconduct - the matter was about a dispute between the Guru and the then Chief Minister with regards to a real estate property. Sexual misbehaviour is the easiest way to defame any spiritual Guru anywhere in the world. It works perfectly.

Astrologically I always knew Jayendra Saraswathi was innocent, hence it helped me to keep my patience and continue to have faith. And it indeed helped.

"Truth and dharma will always prevail in the spiritual world."


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