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'Fear' - a short film

The dangerous marriage combination!

Parliamentarian Shashi Tharoor had got married thrice. In the first two instances he got divorced and the third time his wife was found dead. The same is somewhat true with yesteryear actress Rekha. Whenever she came close to getting married to someone the actors either died or met with serious injuries. And finally when she got married to Mukesh Aggarwal, a Delhi based industrialist, the married didn't last for more than a year. Mukesh Aggarwal committed suicide too.

Economics - the way I understood!

I had come across these terms - production, distribution, consumption, cost, supply and demand etc - but never took much interest in understanding them as I was busy experimenting with subjects like science, religion, astrology and sex. Economics obviously sounded a lot boring when compared to the subjects that interested me. It was the price of a bottle of 'Coke - Coca Cola' in three different countries that made me understand how economics works - I am sure 'Gods must be really crazy".

How to use astrology to 'avoid expenses'

First Rule - Save Your Ass

"This particular blog is a work of fiction any resemblance to man dead or alive is mere coincidence."

Onto the blog....

When it comes to making money or multiplying it, financial experts across the globe have always spoken about how to curb your expenses, how to save money, and where to invest them and how. But none have spoken about where to avoid expense and where NOT to invest. And the only science/art existing in the world that can help you do this is astrology. Remember on any given day - 'a penny in hand is worth two in the market.'

Why I cater ONLY to the rich

Close to a decade back I saw a toddler at one of my well wisher's (who happens to be an astrologer himself) house. Looking at the little girl, it was easy to visualise her horoscope, and I could not see any planetary combinations that will bring Raja Yogas for her. With a sunken heart I looked at my well wisher and asked, "what is the purpose of this child's existence. I cannot see any big luck or luxuries or prosperity coming into her life." And he replied, "she is my maid's daughter. And yeah you are right she doesn't have any Raja Yogas. But then everything happens, because God wants it to happen."

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