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The philosophy behind the movie 'Fear' - Part 3

Here is what legendary film maker Mani Ratnam's Creative Producer has to say about the movie - 'FEAR'

Hi Kenni G.!

I watched your short movie. I liked it.

A small nap after a sumptuous lunch is a must for me in any given circumstance. Even at the shooting spot, Mani sir will tell others not to wake me up when I am enjoying my light sleep.

I started to watch your movie on a similar afternoon. With my hand already resting on the mouse, I was all set to close the window once my eyes shut off automatically. But to be honest, I didn't move a bit and watched the whole movie.

The philosophy behind the movie 'Fear' - Part 2

Believe me - you need hell lot of money to make a movie, and that was the only constraint I had. I wanted to make my movie with the least expense hence I had to format the script in a way that I don't have to spend on casts (all the actors in the movie are amateurs and most faced the camera for the first time in their lives), location (the whole movie was shot in one single apartment except for one shot), and special effects (I never used any). On the other hand I was completely ready to spend on cinematography, editing and background score had I come across someone who never threw an attitude or had a lesser ego.

The philosophy behind the movie 'Fear' - Part 1

"Kya chutiya picture hai....pura time waste (what an idiotic movie it is....I wasted my time watching it)." That was the first comment I got after I posted my 40 mns short movie 'FEAR' on youtube. I of course have not made the comment public on youtube - because I personally neither believe in giving equal rights to everyone nor I think everyone should be given the choice to voice their opinion. If given the power to comment people, who weren't able to lift a cricket bat properly in their entire life, give their valuable inputs even to Sachin Tendulkar.

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