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In Malaysia for a week...

I am in Malaysia between 30th May, 2014 and 5th June, 2014 for couple of Vaasthu readings. If anyone would want to meet me for Vedic Astrological consultations to know your past, present and future then drop me a mail at - we surely will meet up.

Why men will become eunuchs soon

Long back - one of my friends, a girl, asked me what kind of wife do you expect in your life? I said, I will marry someone who will cook good food for me, wash my clothes properly, keep my house clean, and raise my children with love and discipline. She got a bit offended. She said, your wife isn't your maid. I replied I don't want my wife to be a maid rather I would want my maid to be my wife. She had nothing to speak. She is 45 years old now - still single, travelling across the globe alone, and being fucked by strangers wherever she meets. Whoever told her taking care of a man/husband is equivalent to being a maid!

Jupiter Transit 2014!

You will notice a lot of new faces in your apartment or gated community. Some close acquaintance or friend will come across to share his/her good news of getting a new job. Many of you will be able to travel abroad for both pleasure and work. And a lot of many will change their place of residence. Well you will notice all of these and much more in your life and also in lives of people around you in the months of May, June and July 2014 - as the planet Jupiter will be moving into the zodiac sign Kataka (will get exalted) in the period between June 2014 and July 2015.

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