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How I was humiliated by an innocent elephant!

Bluementhol thinks I am its lady love

What's Trending....

The latest trend is to abuse Kejriwal, abuse the press, and clap hands even if the BJP farts. You cannot reap a good crop without ploughing the field, broadcasting the seeds, planting the seedlings, and watering them on time.

Why I don't believe in organ donation

First things first - I am a Hindu, and I strongly believe in the concepts of Karma and Dharma. I believe in the eternity of life, and agree to the fact that people suffer for their wrong doings - either in this life or in their next life. As a Hindu I don't believe in unconditional love, compassion or forgiveness - they are all hot cakes sold my the modern saints to sustain their multibillion businesses. Instead I am in synch with what Lord Krishna has to say in Mahabharata - for the establishment of Dharma, killing of wrong doers isn't a sin.

Vedic Astrology and Hinduism

Stranger - Astrology is a superstition and astrologers are all fake.

Me - So do you believe in Hinduism at least?

Stranger - Of course I do. Hinduism, more than a religion is a way of life.

Me - So you believe in Hindu Gods?

Stranger - I do.

Created a Facebook page for askenni

I know it is a lot late doing it, but then it is better late than never. I have created a new Facebook page for my website and it is https://www.facebook.com/askenni. I will be updating the page with my daily thoughts/opinions, new astrological services and special offers. You can have a look at the page and if you like it, hit on the 'Like' button.

Questioner: Sadhguru, why are women not being allowed into certain temples? For example, now with the Shani temple. Why this discrimination?

Sadhguru: At Linga Bhairavi, men are not allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum, but they never protest. They are married and domesticated - they have been trained not to protest against anything (laughter).

Don't play with the esoteric!

Religion and spirituality are the only 2 subjects where every asshole thinks he has enough knowledge about. Being born into a religion or getting baptised within a month of your birth doesn't make you a religious person. The smallest of subject needs hours of effort, focus, reading and sadhanas to understand it and to apply it correctly. Looking at a cobbler working, it might seem very easy to stitch a meagre thin g like a footwear - just try doing it yourself and you will know where all it probably can bleed while you succeed in putting the first knot.

When someone says I am 'UNAFFORDABLE'!

Out of all the inquiries I receive on an everyday basis for astrological consultations close to 30 per cent doesn't convert into business. Once I reply to them with the list of services along with the service charges, they either don't revert or they mail me back saying my charges are too high and they cannot afford me. Of course the very communication won't be necessary had people dropped me a mail after going through the service charges first. But then I don't expect that anymore as we don't live in an ideal world.

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