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One regret I have

I was an intern with The Statesman, New Delhi in 1996. And as a young journalist I was covering all those boring news beats and dry press conferences. Being a bit apathetic towards my boring existence my Chief Reporter gave me the opportunity to cover the opening ceremony of Surajkund Mela. (It is an annual fair, and according to wikipedia in the year 2015 this fair was visited by 1.2 million visitors including 160,000 foreigners from more than 20 countries participating in it.)

He wants to respect women!

I spot him almost everyday. He mostly hovers around her vicinity. He is completely unsure about things around him as he is from a village, which still believes in the concept of virginity. Having brought up in an innocent society, he has come across only two important types of marriages - arranged and love. Arranged marriage - where the parents find the right match for you. And love marriage - where you take the responsibility of finding your own partner. He found a lot of kick in the latter one.

The Dog's Business

The pug is back in business. A breed that doesn't bark and one which proves to be the best breed to be kept in an apartment filled with animal haters. I love dogs, but not at the cost it comes. There wasn't any demand for pugs before the 'Hutch' ad campaign happened a couple of years ago. It existed as just another dog. But after the successful ad campaign - a network that follows you everywhere - the net worth of the dog went up to 40, 000 rupees per dog.

If I had the money, I will never 'Make in India'!

If you are wearing any kind of knitted garment, then it ought to be from Tiruppur. Well I was born in Tiruppur, and my father ran a garment factory there once upon a time. As mentioned on Wikipedia -

Three short-stories inspired by true events

Gender Equality

Two teenagers get attracted to each other. The pretty looking girl is a rich school going kid, and the handsome guy is an illiterate who works for a grocery shop. One day, while coochie cooing they get busted by the apartment's security guys.

The choice of words, which makes me admire Vijay Mallya

"Why am I being portrayed as a criminal? Loan defaults are a business matter. When the banks give out loans, they know the risk involved. They decide, we don't... Our own business was flourishing, but plummeted suddenly. Don't make me the villain. I have the best intentions."

(What I think he really wanted to say - I am done with your money)


Me - I am looking for a car loan.

ICICI Bank - We don't give it to astrologers.

Few months later...

Me - I am looking for a personal loan.

ICICI Bank - We don't give it to astrologers.

Why Shahrukh Khan is the real 'KING'!

Fascinated by my long beard and dark skin tone the white skinned Europeans always wanted to initiate a conversation with me. Walking by next to me they would always ask, "are you from India"? I would say yes. And the next comment that followed would be, "oh Bollywood? Shahrukh Khan"?

Baba counting starts for Sri Sri

Excerpts from the blog written by me on September 4, 2013

"Tantrik Chandraswami was accused once, and was later proven innocent. There were 1000s of cases against Satya Sai Baba for possible paedophilia - again all baseless. Then we had our Premananda, who was arrested for multiple rapes and imprisoned for a double lifetime - he eventually died of liver failure inside the jail. Swami Nithyananda's sizzling videos come up when you search for porn on google. And Jayendra Saraswathi was arrested for his possible involvement in a murder and also improper behaviour with his female disciples!"

"There seems to be a strange commonality where in except Chandraswami, all the other saints in the list were booked for improper sexual conduct. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has not made to the list yet - he surely will come with a bang - it is just a matter of time."

Here is the link for the whole blog-

Won't pay fine, don't mind going to jail: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The World Culture Festival is an exercise in The Art Of Living irresponsibly


Any guesses how many hours it took me to make this lady sit on my finger?

Come ride with me!

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