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When I am in your city/country!

1) I hate to spam your inbox.
2) I am sure you don't visit my website http://www.askenni.com everyday.
3) I could be visiting your city and you would never know.

By God's grace I keep traveling these days for astrological readings, and it could happen that you wanted to meet me in person in your city/country and you were not informed about my travel plans at all.

Don't be HORNY!

Well that was an ad campaign run by one of the FM Radio Channels in India to make people aware about driving without honking. We all with experience know that honking creates noise pollution and as Amitabh Bacchan rightly says in the campaign that in Western countries honking is considered to be a rude reaction. Agreed. But then who are we addressing the issue to in India?

Things we do wrong as responsible citizens

I attended a felicitation function recently. No, I wasn't felicitated for any of my achievements. I was just a audience who had come to watch the Rock Band show that was to follow the main event and I had to sit through the award ceremony because of my bad habit of reaching for any important appointment much before time.

Darren Sammy's speech after winning T20 finals, 2016

When Nasser Hussain asked him to compare this win to their first World T20 win in 2012, Sammy first says, "Nass, do you really want me to tell you, okay" and then the speech starts.

"Firstly, I want to thank the almighty. We have a pastor in the team - Andre Fletcher, who kept praying. Really happy with this win and this is something that we will cherish for a long time. It was serious hitting from Brathwaite. It said before that we have 15 match winners in the side. Every game somebody took responsibility."


The society is slowly turning women into heroes and men into eunuchs. In this regard I thought of giving talks on important topics that keeps a man a 'MAN'.

I have made enough mistakes in my life and those mistakes have led to vivid experiences. And I am here to share my insights and also my expertise with you in the hope that manhood prevails at least for a couple years more.


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