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In 1944 K Asif planned to make a film called Mughal-e-Azam with Chandramohan in the male lead and the then upcoming actress Nargis in the female lead. However, in 1946, before the production of the film could begin, the male lead, Chandramohan, died.

(Mughal-e-Azam was later released in 1960 after 12 years with Dilip Kumar in the male lead and Madhubala in the female lead)

For people who don't know!

Yeah, I am an astrologer by profe$$ion who predicts human lives looking at their natal chart/horoscope. But I have other passions too, and one of them is - Movies! Since the age of 7, I wanted to get associated with the movie industry and make my own movies but then destiny had different plans for me. I became a journalist, then a dot com guy, then a blogger and then an astrologer. And well by the age of 37 i.e., after 30 long years I got an opportunity to have a cameo presence in the movie 'Lucia' - which premiered at the London Indian Film Festival on 20 July 2013 and won the Best Film Audience Choice award at the festival.

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