Few predictions for India in the coming years

Bookmark and Share I have been having a long beard since the year 2004 - the days when people used to give me a dirty and disgusting look. Some would taunt, calling me a swamiji and some would make fun of me referring to me as some fraud Babaji. It went to an extent that a 'lift operator' advised me against a long beard saying - Jesus Christ has said not to a have long beard in the Bible! I never knew which testament that motherfucker had read and from where. I cared two hoots about all of them. And today when I move around in public places people look at me with awe - long beards are in fashion I guess. Some men stop me to ask - so for how long have you been having your beard, and I proudly say - 12 LONG years!

By the way what has my long beard have anything to do with predictions for India in the coming years? It is simple, it is the same logic which is behind the fashion import from the United States of America.

Long beards became a fashion in the US first, and reached India in a couple of years. And we Indians cannot think beyond what US thinks. So here is the list of predictions for India in the coming years. I surely haven't done these predictions looking at India's horoscope, I have applied pure logic - what happens in the US will happen in India after a couple of years.

*There will be a major increase in number of Vegans in India
*Vegan restaurants will pop up in major numbers and will do good business
*Organic food will become a craze in India
*Hotels serving organic food will pop up making huge profits
*People will fight tooth and nail for legalising gay marriages
*People will fight for legalisation of Marijuana
*Usage of Marijuana will increase multifold in India
*Ayurveda and Yoga will become multimillion business in India, not because they belong to India, but because they are completely approved by the Americans

So if you have got the money, invest in these businesses and you will rock in the coming 5 to 10 years.

God Bless United States of America!

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