War between India & Pakistan in next 3 yrs!

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Name of the country - India
Date of birth - 15th August, 1947
Time of birth - 12.01 am

I know it is quite strange and funny for people who don't know or understand Vedic Astrology that horoscope of a country is cast based upon its formation date and time. And as we all know that India formally got its freedom from the Britishers on the midnight of 14th/15th August 1947 - hence the time is taken as 12.01 am. The astrologers who advised the government to choose the auspicious time for Indian Independence were - Hardeoji and Suryanarain Vyas.

Astrologically India is considered to be born in the Ascendant of Rishabha (Taurus). And between January 2017 and and May 2019 - the planet Saturn will move into the 8th house for India, which isn't considered to be good. The highlights of this particular transit on India would be -

- Slowing down of economic growth
- Increase in scams and scandals
- Increase in corruption
- Increase in unemployment
- Problems in relationship with foreign nations
- Increase in cross border terrorism
- Increase in mass deaths
- Wars with neighbouring country
- deaths of prominent politicians, celebrities and industrialists

So whether India and Pakistan would go to war against each other in the period between January 2017 and May 2019? The answer is 'yes' astrologically.

Of course India will come out victorious given the strong economic conditions when compared to Pakistan.

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