Why Priyanka Gandhi will be the next Prime Minister!

Bookmark and Share Nambungal Narayanan was a famous Indian psyhic who lived in Chennai. In fact his one day earnings were more than what SIfy Astrology collectively did in a month. Also a famous movie was made inspired by him in Malayalam starring Mammooty - Iyer, The Great. He used to have these premonitions, which he religiously wrote in a notebook - and they all came true.
I personally never met him - he was too big when I came to know about his existence. But I came across a person who was a close associate of Nambungal Narayanan. In strict confidence he told me that the day Indira Gandhi was assasinated on October 31, 1984 Nambungal Narayanan had an insight in the mid-night - that Priyanka Gandhi will surely become the Prime Minister of India and will hold the reign for many years.

I didn't understand the logic then. I was more of a journalist then than an astrologer. I always thought Rahul Gandhi will be the Prime Ministerial candidate for the Congress. And as the political scenario developed, it was quite obvious that Rahul Gandhi will prove his worth as an efficient leader. But - most people hate him for unknown reasons!

The best part of human beings is that they have an ape's memory. And that is exactly on what politics is being played for ages.

When Indians were unhappy with the Narasimha Rao's governance, they needed a change. They elected A B Vajpayee as the next PM and brought BJP to power in the period between 1998 and 2004. Vajpayee did well I guess, but still people went back to Congress and mind you Manmohan Singh remained the Prime Minister of India for 10 long years i..e, between 2004 and 2014. People needed a change again, and Modi became the PM - and I am sure he will last only for 5 years.

Sensing the urgency, the Congress now has started to rope in Priyanka Gandhi for their political activiies. Well now the 1984 premonition of Nambungal Narayanan makes absolute sense after almost 33 years!

And if Priyanka Gandhi is represented as the Prime Ministerial candidate for Congress (which they will) then there won't be any looking back for her - astrologically too.

Let us wait for the next elections :)

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