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Just venting out my feelings!

Motherfucker, asshole, bitch, horny, whore, dickhead...well these are a couple of holy words I hear everyday in the community I live in. No, I am not referring to the adults of our building. I am talking about kids aged between 8 and 16 using them as if these words were taught to them by their educated parents while they were still in their womb. Of course I am not saying I as a teenager never used abusive words. I did, but I never remember a day when I used them in a way that was audible to any adult or women around me. Even today, I do. I use profanity to the core - but I see to it no kids ever hear them.

How to deal with online abuse!

WARNING - Children below the age of 8 and pious women kindly refrain from reading further.

No, my website isn't hacked, I just wanted to share some free gyaan with the world after a long time today.

More than writing, I am a bit active on my Youtube Channel these days as I enjoy playing around making videos with my iPhone, Canon DSLR and Macbook Pro, and someone got jealous right from tip of his head to his asshole. Here is what he put up as comments under one of the videos on YouTube...

Comment 1

'You failed in flying drones and you cheat us of money faking as astrologer, you charged me $225 and asked to pay $180 again as return customer for asking to clarify why none of your predictions come true since 2013, you are a cheat shameless person who is running a business cheating people.'

Ms J Jayalalithaa's health

Ms J Jayalalithaa is one of the two important women I have always admired in my life so far - the other being Saint Teresa. Her health condition is in news for a while now, and I have been contemplating of writing this particular blog for a while - because it is kind of difficult to predict events for someone for whom you might lose your objectivity.

The Death Railway and Krasae cave

The Bridge on the River Kwai

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