How to deal with online abuse!

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WARNING - Children below the age of 8 and pious women kindly refrain from reading further.

No, my website isn't hacked, I just wanted to share some free gyaan with the world after a long time today.

More than writing, I am a bit active on my Youtube Channel these days as I enjoy playing around making videos with my iPhone, Canon DSLR and Macbook Pro, and someone got jealous right from tip of his head to his asshole. Here is what he put up as comments under one of the videos on YouTube...

Comment 1

'You failed in flying drones and you cheat us of money faking as astrologer, you charged me $225 and asked to pay $180 again as return customer for asking to clarify why none of your predictions come true since 2013, you are a cheat shameless person who is running a business cheating people.'

Comment 2

'This guy is a fraud , avoid this scammer, read about him on consumer complaint forum...'

Comment 3 (this one is the icing on the cake)

'Tu nahi sudhrega , u charged me $225 and not a single prediction came true, you fraud, shameless bastard.'

Uff...bastard for a meagre Rs 14,000? If this motherfucker had mailed me personally I would have refunded his money. He need not have put so much of effort following my blog, then following my Youtube Channel since the year 2013 and then putting up nasty comments.

Well, later I searched for his name on my mail, and I could not find any communication that ever took place between us at all. So this unhappy asshole, who has never consulted me for astrology ever mushrooms from nowhere, creates a fake ID and then puts up a comment just for the heck of it. I am not going to give out his name on my blog and make him famous. But I surely will curse that he should suffer from piles for at least 10 years until he dies.

I know that this cunt will visit my blog and read what I have mentioned about him and from then I am sure he will think about my curse for rest of his life.

Now on to the gyaan about how to deal with online abuse....

First Rule - Block Comments

I am one of the very few bloggers across the globe who has his comment section completely blocked for readers. It is my space, and hence its my rules. Honestly I don't care about what strangers think about my blogs or my opinions. And as far as real friends are concerned they can always mail me personally.

Well now I have blocked comments on my YouTube Channel as well. If you like my content, you can visit, and if you don't like my content you need not visit at all. Life is simple.

Second Rule - Delete or Unfriend people immediately who make you unhappy

Do not tolerate people who take the liberty of making you unhappy even for micro seconds. It is a virtual world anyway, you can throw away people just with a click of a button - so please throw them away ASAP.

Third Rule - More the haters, more famous you are

I know of a famous movie maker, and recently one of his followers called him a 'Bastard' for having an opinion about the ongoing Cauvery crises.

There always will be lower souls barking at the higher souls - hence stay happy when people hate you, you surely are moving in the right direction.

Fourth Rule - Always curse these invisible motherfuckers

Curse them and their family members and keep them in your thoughts everyday and wish the worst for them. If blessings can work, curse will work too.

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