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Motherfucker, asshole, bitch, horny, whore, dickhead...well these are a couple of holy words I hear everyday in the community I live in. No, I am not referring to the adults of our building. I am talking about kids aged between 8 and 16 using them as if these words were taught to them by their educated parents while they were still in their womb. Of course I am not saying I as a teenager never used abusive words. I did, but I never remember a day when I used them in a way that was audible to any adult or women around me. Even today, I do. I use profanity to the core - but I see to it no kids ever hear them.

Today's children are different. They are modern, they are brave, they are smart, they are disrespectful, they are uncourteous, and they are the biggest motherfuckers.

Let me prove my point giving you an example. A coach in his 40s asked a guy in his teens to leave the basket ball court for he was disturbing the ongoing coaching session. The guy left the court with his other macho friends, who still might not know how to shave their pubic hair, abusing the coach with his elite English vocabulary taught may be in one of the posh fucking school he should be going in the name of motherfucking education.

Another resident overheard the abuse, and demanded some respect from this kid. And this 14-year-old son of a bitch - abused him as well. Thankfully, the man in his 40s didn't understand the local lingo, but he was sure this dickhead said something wrong about him. Well I overheard what the asshole called him - he called him a sister-fucker.

The resident got furious, caught hold of this dumbfuck and asked for his father's number. As mentioned earlier, the kid is a modern child hence he was smart - he said, he doesn't have his father's number. He was bold as well. He said, 'you can come home and talk to my parents.' Wow....I was amazed at his confidence level. He abused two elderly people, and had the guts to tell them to come home and talk to his parents.

Flashback struck me in an instance. Had anyone come to my house and told my father that I abused others, I am sure I would not be alive to write this blog today. My father would have killed me and also buried me. And hence I am proud of my father even today.

This 14-year bastard was 100 per cent sure that his father would maximum warn him. Or probably who knows the father would also join his son and abuse the men who came home with the complaint.

I was boiling sitting there, and in retrospect was thinking what would I have done if I heard some shitty kid abusing me. Ma Kasam....I would have broken his hands, police ka baadme dekha jaayega....

God Bless the parents of these smart, intelligent, modern, disrespectful, uncourteous, and the mother-fucking children.

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