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Ms J Jayalalithaa is one of the two important women I have always admired in my life so far - the other being Saint Teresa. Her health condition is in news for a while now, and I have been contemplating of writing this particular blog for a while - because it is kind of difficult to predict events for someone for whom you might lose your objectivity.

Most VIPs, celebrities, businessmen and politicians don't share their exact birth details with any one and also with astrologers. They keep it as a top secret, because they know astrology works and hence they don't want others to know about what exactly would manifest in their personal lives. They float a couple of birth details and astrologers like me are always unsure about which birth detail is the right one.

For now, Ms J Jayalalithaa has 2 different horoscopes floating on the internet. One says that she is born in the Ascendant of Rishabha (Taurus) and another says she was born in the Ascendant of Mithuna (Gemini).

If she is born in the Ascendant of Mithuna (Gemini) then for sure, by end of December 2016 - she will be back to work. But if unfortunately if she is born in the Ascendant of Rishabha (Taurus) - then till March 2017 - she will go through hell and it could also prove to be fatal.

I personally am a big admirer of this strong lady, and would want God to have made her born in the Ascendant of Mithuna (Gemini) and not Rishabha (Taurus).

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