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Dear Mr. Kennedi,

Your predictions seem to have an uncanny way of coming true. All your predictions between 2014 - till today came true. No exceptions.


Kamalesh 13th January, 2017

Dear Respected Sir, 

Two years ago, I asked a question to you and you replied that my "career and money will improve impressively in the coming year and years in Chennai."  and you also asked me to keep you "updated about the developments"

Your advice has been spot on.

With Warm Regards

Dr Bruno 14th January, 2017

Mr. Kennedi,

I had requested your services back in November 2015 on when my next job hop would be. You informed me that my next job hop will be between November 2016 to March 2017 period and that I would move away from my current place.

I wanted to let you know that your prediction came true and that I got a new job in a different city and state this month of January. Thanks.


Ajit 23rd January, 2017

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