Why I support 'Chinna' Amma!

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When J Jayalalitha was asked about the successor of AIADMK when there seemed no probable leader after her, she had beautifully replied - 'when there is a need, the leader will emerge.' And she was right.

There surely are many eyebrows that raise against the new AIADMK general secretary, Ms Sasikala Natarajan concerning her political background and experience she has but then who cares - politics is all about choosing a better rascal from the worse ones. And I personally feel - Ms Sasikala is a better option in Tamil Nadu than the existing regional and national parties.

If we have to take the argument that only an experienced politician could handle public administration well, then even MGR or Ms Jayalalitha didn't have much experience to become the chief ministers of Tamil Nadu. And the one who had the right knowledge and expertise could not handle the state for more than 2 tenures in his 90 plus years of existence.

What about the possible foul play behind Jayalalitha's death?

Well what kind of foul play or slow poisoning is possible for a 68-year-old lady already suffering with high sugar levels? And why would any power hungry person in his/her senses try the possible heinous act so late in life? Ms Sasikala could have done it 10 years back, taken the reigns way back then and could have enjoyed being the party leader or the Chief Minister for more number of years. On the other hand why should anyone raise the doubts about the death now, when all knew about the hospital saga since September 2016 till Jayalalitha's death.

And what's with the 'Manargudi Mafia' charges?

No political leader has ever reached the top without having an hand in glove relationship with the rowdies and lawless people. The bad guys who supported MGR own enormous educational institutes today. The accused and the anarchic people who supported J Jayalalitha have grabbed half the real estate property in Tami Nadu. So what's wrong in Ms Sasikala and her so called gang if they own 10 per cent of Tamil Nadu's land? Mind you even the courts of India, which acquitted JJ ruled that 10 per cent of misappropriation of wealth is pardonable.

Long live democracy, long live AIADMK and long live Chinna Amma!

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