Does your soul know your destiny?

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In solitude, since I was a child whenever I closed my eyes and just breathed - I could feel only two things resonating strongly inside me - God and Movies. Nowhere could I see myself as a corporate guy or a successful businessman. Although my father - an amateur astrologer - told me once when I was 8 years old that the lines on my palm indicated a career related to writing, I never could fix the puzzle correctly, and personally I never could find a role model or someone who has clubbed the three - God, Movies and Writing - efficiently to make a living.

My father was right. In spite of me having no interest or inclination or no such dreams towards writing, my education and career demanded me either to write or edit. I wrote and edited at Indian Express, Mumbai for 3 years, I wrote and edited at for 4 years, and I have been writing my blog since 2002 - that is close to 20 years of writing now.

The thought of God was always predominant in my mind in spite of having a successful career with big corporates of India. I never knew why there was a yearning to connect to Him on the first place and how it was going to manifest. I waited patiently and let destiny unfold for me on its own. And it did.

I met my spiritual teacher in the 2002, and from then on there was no looking back. I learnt astrology, vaathu shastra and all those esoteric sciences from him which indeed helped me to quench my thirst about the concept of God, destiny and life. I quit my corporate life and took up vedic astrology as a full time profession - and it is 15 years now that I am making a living predicting human lives. But still the third connect was still missing - the Movies!

In spite of having had a golden opportunity to work with the legendary film-maker Balu Mahendra in 1997, I could not manifest it quite well. It fizzled out prematurely, and I had to pack up my dreams about movie making. Time flew, I touched late 30s, I became an established astrologer, but then the thought of movies still persisted.

At this juncture of life to be part of the movie industry seemed insanely impossible. A long beard, an astrologer by profession, and a man in his late 30s - how could anyone cast him in any movie and for what role? And then came the hand of God - a film-maker trusted me, and cast me in 'Lucia', then later in 'U-Turn'. The movies did well on the box office, and I did two more movies - 'Mugulu Nage' and 'Leader' under two other directors, which will release in the mid months of year 2017. And well I have written Tamil dialogues for another movie which is being made into a trilingual.

In solitude, as a grown-up whenever I close my eyes and just breathe - I could feel only two things resonating strongly inside me - God and Movies.

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