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Rebellion in my own small way

I take a lot of inspiration from ants. Though being one of the most minuscule creatures on earth, they come across as the most intelligent and the disciplined of the lot. They surely are better than 99 percent of the Indians in following a proper queue at least. The ants for sure know that the humans are much bigger in size and also far more powerful than them. They also know that if they attack a human their death is inevitable - but still they give a tough fight. To protect themselves and their colonies from intruders they give their last mighty bite - a bite that can make you run for your life. I love their attitude and their rebellion.

Predictions for Rahu & Ketu Transit 2017

Rahu and Ketu transit is one of the most important planetary transits according to Vedic Astrology. After Saturn and Jupiter transit, Rahu and Ketu transit is the one which brings massive changes in human lives depending upon how strong or weak the planets are placed in their personal horoscopes.

Unlike all the other planets Rahu and Ketu move reverse in the zodiac, hence in the months of July, August and September 2017 - the planet Rahu will move into the sign of Kataka (Cancer) from Simha (Leo), and the planet Ketu will move into the sign of Makara (Capricorn) from Kumbha (Aquarius), and will stay there till March 2019.

To know how exactly this particular transit will affect your personal and professional life Click Here

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