Rebellion in my own small way

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I take a lot of inspiration from ants. Though being one of the most minuscule creatures on earth, they come across as the most intelligent and the disciplined of the lot. They surely are better than 99 percent of the Indians in following a proper queue at least. The ants for sure know that the humans are much bigger in size and also far more powerful than them. They also know that if they attack a human their death is inevitable - but still they give a tough fight. To protect themselves and their colonies from intruders they give their last mighty bite - a bite that can make you run for your life. I love their attitude and their rebellion.

The year was 1995 and I was just 20 years old doing my Masters in Mass Communication. All that I was mentally conditioned till that time was 'India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters.....' As a part of our curriculum, we had to do three internships in media organizations, and the first one compulsorily should be from a print medium.

We (my friend and I) wanted to do the internship in a neighbouring state so that we could get good exposure and working experience. We tried in many organizations and were rejected ruthlessly for unknown reasons. And as a last resort with nothing but dejection and frustration we walked into an esteemed newspaper organization to try our luck.

In theory we had learnt a lot about ethics of a journalist, secularism, unbiased approach of a newspaper and what not. But then what came out of the editor's mouth on that fateful day shook our belief system forever. "We don't prefer other state students. We give preference to the locals." We exited the office with a million questions in our minds, and the first one was 'what do you mean by locals?'

I was angry, I wanted to rebel, but I was too negligible to fight an organization as mighty as this one. I took a vow - I never will 'buy' a single copy of this newspaper in my life, I will never read a single copy of this newspaper, and will wait for the day when this bloody newspaper covers an article that talks about me with my photo in it.

And it happened. It happened after 22 years. There was an article about me with my picture in the same newspaper that rejected me as a young aspiring student who wanted to do an internship there. And I did stick to my vow for 22 years - and even today I neither buy that particular English daily nor read it.

I have kept the organization's name a secret, as I know they will carry more articles about me, with pictures in the near future.

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