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In the 21st Century, when the world is moving towards Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics it is quite natural to call someone who still believes in 'Omens' as dumb and foolish. Well in that case, I am the one who is dumb and foolish who claims that it works with utmost precision even today.

'Omens' - both good or bad - are one of the ways that nature tries to communicate with human beings before an important event is to take place. The rational man calls it superstition, and a learned man calls it signs from God.

Omens don't remain the same across the globe. They are influenced by the demography of the place and also the culture of the land. For instance - an omen associated with snakes won't make any sense in Ireland, as they don't have any snakes there.

It was in June 2017 that one of my close relatives was struck by a bad omen. Her daughter rushed to me to ask the implications about the same, and I said within 90 days there will be a death of an important family member. Of course, they didn't divulge what I said to other family members to avoid unnecessary fear and confusions.

Days passed by, and everything was normal until yesterday morning. They got a call saying that my relative's cousin has passed away. Well it was within 90 days as I had predicted.

I will keep the 'omen' a secret to avoid unnecessary fear and confusions :).

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