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E-mails that made me feel good :)

Though we live our lives to fulfil our own desires and aspirations, sometimes when you come across people who find themselves being benefitted by you knowingly or unknowingly - the happiness doubles - God knows for what reason. Here are three mails which I got in the month of March 2013 - which made me feel good about myself.

So kind of you….

Here are few interesting comments I got from people who read my irregularly updated blog…..regularly…

A mail from Nadi Astrologer, Tambaram (small world)

Dear Sir,

We thank you very much for the favourable and the fabulous comments that you have made about our office at Tambaram Chennai.

Comments from my blog readers, so far!

Criticism of course flies faster than appreciation - and that remained the rule of life always. Views, opinions, perception and ideas differ from people to people and that is what makes an individual unique. Here is a list of comments people have posted on my blog, so far.

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