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Why I support 'Chinna' Amma!

When J Jayalalitha was asked about the successor of AIADMK when there seemed no probable leader after her, she had beautifully replied - 'when there is a need, the leader will emerge.' And she was right.

Why Rs 500 and Rs 1000 were demonetized?


Got an answer finally sitting in the bathroom....

- Pakistan wants Kashmir.
- Pakistan sponsors terrorism in India.
- Pakistan prints Rs 500 and Rs 1000 in Pakistan and sends it to India for terrorism, which becomes valid in India.
- India comes to know about this and has a knee jerk.
- India cannot accept this fact on television or reveal to the people of India who voted for them.
- India knows that people can be taken for a ride by telling them a lie about Black Money.
- Indians are happy about a false hope of a better tomorrow.
- India hurries to print new Rs 2000 notes. It prints Rs 2000 in such a hurry that it didn't have time to check if it is ATM compatible.
- Indians are busy talking about Black Money and its eradication, while the truth is the whole episode was done to stop counterfeit currency that would help Pakistan to attack India and take Kashmir.

The puzzle fixes perfectly now I guess..

Just venting out my feelings!

Motherfucker, asshole, bitch, horny, whore, dickhead...well these are a couple of holy words I hear everyday in the community I live in. No, I am not referring to the adults of our building. I am talking about kids aged between 8 and 16 using them as if these words were taught to them by their educated parents while they were still in their womb. Of course I am not saying I as a teenager never used abusive words. I did, but I never remember a day when I used them in a way that was audible to any adult or women around me. Even today, I do. I use profanity to the core - but I see to it no kids ever hear them.

How to deal with online abuse!

WARNING - Children below the age of 8 and pious women kindly refrain from reading further.

No, my website isn't hacked, I just wanted to share some free gyaan with the world after a long time today.

More than writing, I am a bit active on my Youtube Channel these days as I enjoy playing around making videos with my iPhone, Canon DSLR and Macbook Pro, and someone got jealous right from tip of his head to his asshole. Here is what he put up as comments under one of the videos on YouTube...

Comment 1

'You failed in flying drones and you cheat us of money faking as astrologer, you charged me $225 and asked to pay $180 again as return customer for asking to clarify why none of your predictions come true since 2013, you are a cheat shameless person who is running a business cheating people.'

Proud to be Arrogant!

In my journey as a profe$$ional astrologer for the last 13 years, I have lost many of my regular seekers, friends, relatives and celebrities as clients permanently. They all thought I was very arrogant. I don't know if I really am but in any case I would take that as a compliment. If you are good at something, you have the right to set your bars and if people think that is arrogance - then let them all die a slow and painful death.

Violence against women in India

I am sorry to say that astrologically violence against women will increase in India in the next 7 to 10 years. For now I don't want to get into the reasoning part - as it might not be in synch with what people want to hear. So guys - as a father, husband, brother and sons it is your duty to safeguard the women in your lives.
And now comes the Masterclasses by the very Gods - Matt Preston, George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan. The tickets again were nominally priced, but the seats weren't limited. One thirds of the people who had bought the tickets had to stand in spite of paying the same amount of money. And there were no seat numbers allocated - the pushy people made their way to the front and the losers stood at the back. And there were no elevations for the seats provided, meaning if a taller person sits in front you - you are fucked.
Let me start off with the positives first. Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, and Matt Preston are one of the finest and kindest people you will ever meet. They are awesome in real life as well and are all excited and ever ready to help, assist and entertain you. Now that being is the story of the event and my experience with it.

It was a 2-day Food Festival, which took place in two venues simultaenously - a 5-star hotel and an elite mall which were relatively situated close to each other. And of course it was a paid event, and the tickets were decently priced.

Things we do wrong as responsible citizens

I attended a felicitation function recently. No, I wasn't felicitated for any of my achievements. I was just a audience who had come to watch the Rock Band show that was to follow the main event and I had to sit through the award ceremony because of my bad habit of reaching for any important appointment much before time.

Darren Sammy's speech after winning T20 finals, 2016

When Nasser Hussain asked him to compare this win to their first World T20 win in 2012, Sammy first says, "Nass, do you really want me to tell you, okay" and then the speech starts.

"Firstly, I want to thank the almighty. We have a pastor in the team - Andre Fletcher, who kept praying. Really happy with this win and this is something that we will cherish for a long time. It was serious hitting from Brathwaite. It said before that we have 15 match winners in the side. Every game somebody took responsibility."

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