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Made some changes to 'My Contact' page

I find phone calls very irritating. I hate to pick up calls when I am in the middle of a consultation, or when I am having a good time with my friends and family members. So, I am sorry I won't be providing my phone number to you. You can get in touch with me in various other ways.

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Things that keep me going as an astrologer!

Dear Mr. Kennedi,

Your predictions seem to have an uncanny way of coming true. All your predictions between 2014 - till today came true. No exceptions.


Kamalesh 13th January, 2017

Don't be HORNY!

Well that was an ad campaign run by one of the FM Radio Channels in India to make people aware about driving without honking. We all with experience know that honking creates noise pollution and as Amitabh Bacchan rightly says in the campaign that in Western countries honking is considered to be a rude reaction. Agreed. But then who are we addressing the issue to in India?

Did some cleaning on Facebook!

I split my personality this week. I had one facebook ID for all, and for a couple of years I was completely inactive on it. Yeah, I was a bit upset about comments made by people who neither were my friends nor my clients. They were just people who sent me friend request because he/she happens to be a mutual friend of someone whom I know. Well I decided to get active on FB with couple of simple steps. Here they are...

What keeps me going....

Me - Good things on career front will manifest only in the later months of year 2015 and early months of year 2016. Hence the direct answer to your query is - he will get a job, which pays well only in the later months of year 2015 and early months of year 2016.
December 2014

When I was almost wrong

I don't get much kick doing astrological readings for believers because they know for sure that I am going to be right about their past. They understand the reason and the logic behind it. But the real fun is to do a reading for non-believers and see their faces when you reveal events and incidents about their past - just by looking at a square chart cast based upon their date, place and time of birth. Their blank faces and their panicky utterances to come out with a lame scientific explanation about how I could do it - is worth a million dollar.

Jupiter Transit 2015 predictions!

If you have been seeing a lot of packers and movers around, or witnessing someone new moving into your neighbourhood, or learnt about someone's death or sudden ill health recently - then it is all because of the planet Jupiter transiting into the zodiac of Simha (Leo) in the month of July 2015. Jupiter will continue to stay in Simha till July 2016 and it will lead to various 'important' changes in individuals' lives depending upon their respective Lagnas (Ascendants).

Kindly Note - the predictions provided are based upon Lagnas and 'NOT' Moon sign or Sun sign.

Saturn Transit 2014 predictions for you

Starting September 2014 major important events would have started taking place in your life. The jobless would have got a new job, the singles would have got their marriage fixed, many would have changed their houses/country, and many would have changed their jobs or will be in the process of joining a new one. On the negative side - a lot of people would have got laid off or will be in the process of being sacked. Well these changes are due to a very important planetary transit that takes place in the month of November 2014 - the Saturn Transit (also known as Shani Payerchi down South India) - which surely will impact all the lives positively or negatively depending upon their individual Lagna or Ascendant.

Rahu and Ketu Transit 2014 Predictions

Two important planets, Rahu and Ketu, will be move and stay in Kanya Rasi and Meena Rasi respectively in the period between July 2014 and December 2015. When compared to Saturn Transit and Jupiter Transit, this particular transit is not very crucial - but then it will have its own small influence on human lives. The predictions done are based upon your Ascendant and 'NOT' based on your Moon sign or the Western Sun sign.

The power to know things beforehand

I was a retard till the year 2002. Had I known the secrets of life in my formative years, I would have been a completely different person by now. My brains started functioning only post 2002, and I need to thank God that it at least started functioning by that year or else I would have died a retard. I am not talking about astrology or astrological predictions here. I am talking about few people's unique ability to understand the unfolding of events beforehand.

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