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Krish Shrikanth – double role?!

I am sure most of my readers by now know where I worked last – in case you aren’t sure just mail me and I will confirm. It so happened….

it was a cricket series, and our company booked our retired star opener Krish Shrikanth for a live chat sessions. The deal was - he would chat live on the Internet with the audience just after each match was over, and he would share his opinions about the match with all the Netizens who come online. Things were perfect, till he thought of transferring the power of (ch)attorney to the sports editor!


Humour is one of the most difficult emotions to deal with, and it isn’t easy to make someone laugh. Charlie Chaplin had to make himself look funny, had to fall innumerous times, and had to take many blows to make thousands laugh.

Yesterday was my 1st daughter G. K. Tejeswini’s birthday, and I thought I would start a humour section on my blog site dedicated to her. This section will include all those funny incidents that take place in our day to day life!

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