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Few ‘not so serious’ telephonic conversations!

This incident took place some time before I had actually trained my mind to a ‘let go’ state of affairs. Way back in the year 2004, I was under the illusion that advertisement in newspaper about my existence, availability, and astrological services will bring me good number of clients. I didn’t have much fund to advertise in leading newspapers hence I opted to put an advertisement in the local newspaper named Adyar Times. I checked the previous issue of the newspaper and spotted another astrologer who already had advertised about himself. I thought talking to him about the response would help me clear little confusions I had on my mind about the feedback the ad can get me.

Funny chat conversation with an asshole!

The one who wins an argument need not hold the truth, and the one who loses the argument need not hold falsehood. There are many a people who call me a fake or a quack or a fraud – of course without meeting me in person or taking an astrological reading from me. They are conditioned that way by the scientific world, and there is no harm in it. For the world to run the non-believers are as much important as the believer themselves - in fact their presence complement each other perfectly well. Also for a believer no proof is necessary, and for a non-believer any proof is insufficient.

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