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In the 21st Century, when the world is moving towards Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics it is quite natural to call someone who still believes in 'Omens' as dumb and foolish. Well in that case, I am the one who is dumb and foolish who claims that it works with utmost precision even today.

'Omens' - both good or bad - are one of the ways that nature tries to communicate with human beings before an important event is to take place. The rational man calls it superstition, and a learned man calls it signs from God.

Omens don't remain the same across the globe. They are influenced by the demography of the place and also the culture of the land. For instance - an omen associated with snakes won't make any sense in Ireland, as they don't have any snakes there.

It was in June 2017 that one of my close relatives was struck by a bad omen. Her daughter rushed to me to ask the implications about the same, and I said within 90 days there will be a death of an important family member. Of course, they didn't divulge what I said to other family members to avoid unnecessary fear and confusions.

Days passed by, and everything was normal until yesterday morning. They got a call saying that my relative's cousin has passed away. Well it was within 90 days as I had predicted.

I will keep the 'omen' a secret to avoid unnecessary fear and confusions :).

Rebellion in my own small way

I take a lot of inspiration from ants. Though being one of the most minuscule creatures on earth, they come across as the most intelligent and the disciplined of the lot. They surely are better than 99 percent of the Indians in following a proper queue at least. The ants for sure know that the humans are much bigger in size and also far more powerful than them. They also know that if they attack a human their death is inevitable - but still they give a tough fight. To protect themselves and their colonies from intruders they give their last mighty bite - a bite that can make you run for your life. I love their attitude and their rebellion.

Does your soul know your destiny?

In solitude, since I was a child whenever I closed my eyes and just breathed - I could feel only two things resonating strongly inside me - God and Movies. Nowhere could I see myself as a corporate guy or a successful businessman. Although my father - an amateur astrologer - told me once when I was 8 years old that the lines on my palm indicated a career related to writing, I never could fix the puzzle correctly, and personally I never could find a role model or someone who has clubbed the three - God, Movies and Writing - efficiently to make a living.

Vedic Astrology and Hinduism

Stranger - Astrology is a superstition and astrologers are all fake.

Me - So do you believe in Hinduism at least?

Stranger - Of course I do. Hinduism, more than a religion is a way of life.

Me - So you believe in Hindu Gods?

Stranger - I do.

Don't play with the esoteric!

Religion and spirituality are the only 2 subjects where every asshole thinks he has enough knowledge about. Being born into a religion or getting baptised within a month of your birth doesn't make you a religious person. The smallest of subject needs hours of effort, focus, reading and sadhanas to understand it and to apply it correctly. Looking at a cobbler working, it might seem very easy to stitch a meagre thin g like a footwear - just try doing it yourself and you will know where all it probably can bleed while you succeed in putting the first knot.

What 'exactly' do I do?

It is quite weird and unfortunate that after 13 years of existence as a professional astrologer I have to write this particular blog. In real life when I meet people, I usually don't announce that I am an astrologer as it leads to unnecessary arguments, which I hate to have. Also when specifically asked, I reveal the truth only to a selected few - or else I escape saying I am a writer to maintain peace and harmony. Of the selected few to whom I am honest about my profession - I noticed something strange and hence the blog.

10 years a profe$$ional astrologer - part 1

This August I completed 10 years of being a profe$$ional astrologer. Had I not taken up astrology as my profe$$ion a decade back, I surely would have been a Vice President or some President in one of the corporate firms or some dot com. Well all my colleagues and even my juniors head corporate firms today and they indeed have successfully climbed the corporate ladder. Not that I never wanted to, just that I found myself a complete misfit among manipulative human beings.

Why I cater ONLY to the rich

Close to a decade back I saw a toddler at one of my well wisher's (who happens to be an astrologer himself) house. Looking at the little girl, it was easy to visualise her horoscope, and I could not see any planetary combinations that will bring Raja Yogas for her. With a sunken heart I looked at my well wisher and asked, "what is the purpose of this child's existence. I cannot see any big luck or luxuries or prosperity coming into her life." And he replied, "she is my maid's daughter. And yeah you are right she doesn't have any Raja Yogas. But then everything happens, because God wants it to happen."

Avinashilingam is dead!

"Man, why do you smoke?" I asked him 18 years back, while doing my Masters in Mass Communication from PSG Arts College, Coimbatore. And he coolly replied, "remember Kennedi, when you don't have anyone around you - this stick of cigarette is the only thing that will give you company without demanding anything in return." I admired the way he always lived his life the way he wanted, and I am sure he did that till his last breath.

Saturn Retrogrades!

The planet Saturn moved into Thula (Libra) from Kanya (Virgo) in November 2011, and between November 2011 and February 2012 - there were many celebrity deaths. Nothing much happened in the months of March, April and May 2012 - and the ghazal King Mehdi Hassan died suddenly on June 18, 2012. Well astrologically Saturn retrograded - meaning moved back into Kanya (Virgo) and will stay there till July 2012 - hence the following events are very much possible in the months of June, July and August 2012....

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