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My interview with Yahoo!

My college hostel, where I lived for 5 years, was very close to the Coimbatore Aerodrome. Every Sunday after our lunch we friends used to go the airport to see the kind of people who used to come down. If luck favoured us we used to get blessed by the holy darshan of few celebrities. We happened to see the shooting of Ishq & Raja Hindustani fortunately. Not that I had not gone by plane before that; my father had taken us a couple of times - thanks to MTNL & their copper wires.

Yaa Katchi?

I wanted to blog about my interview at yahoo, but then something else that was more interesting came up. I was getting ready for the office today, and my 1½-year daughter Tejeswini was having her dosa (breakfast). She is a matured kid for her age and has learnt a lot of things herself. She has inherited few mannerisms from me too; one of them is touching the nose using the tongue.
I dug into the rack where my wife keeps my washed kerchiefs and found one. This is one of the blessings of married life, you get to use washed clothes always!

Totally inspired by my friends Chota Bacchan (Abhishek) & Chota Rajan, I thought I should write my blog about an unusual conversation that usually takes place between my alter ego and myself…
Myself – Hey, is killing someone right?

Satya Sai Baba – God or fraud?

I have always come across people who form their opinions in microseconds based on few ignorant reports published in the media. They tend to trust media more than the God himself. Recently I came across a report published in India’s foremost weekly ‘India Today’ about the charges against Puttaparthi Sai Baba. It interviewed few closest disciples of Sai Baba, and reported about the child abuse carried out by him and also about how he seem to have cheated people with his siddhis or magic (termed by few) of taking Shiva Linga from his mouth, or bringing a gold chain or the holy vibhuti (holy ash) from thin air!

Eve teasing could get ugly beyond a point!

Though my views are anti-women most of the time, I have not ever tried to take undue advantage of them. Neither have I ever crossed my limit nor have I tried to disturb the space women enjoy. Not that I am already a saint (though I am trying to become one someday), I do stare at the erect nipples seen through the tight t-shirt women wear (the latest trend in my office place) and also I do glance at the bulging butt comfortably visible in the tight jeans women wear with a short shirt on the top. I keep my comments to my close friends and myself and see to it NONE is hurt in the process, especially the girl I am commenting on.

Life got boring, so thought would resign!

I submitted my resignation. I know it is the dumbest thing to do on the planet when you have your pregnant wife, a 1 ? year old kid, and a beautiful dog …all depending on you for survival, and that too without another job on hand! But I could not help it. Everyone has a breaking point, and when pushed to the limit all behave cranky, and I am sure I am one among them.

Chennai summer saves my marriage!

I didn’t start my blog to preach or to corrupt your clean thoughts with my nonsense articles. I just wanted to prove a point to few ass*** and a couple of bitches, and I think I succeeded in the same. Some 75 page-views per day for an unknown scribe like me is indeed a big deal, and that proves my point.

Is success for eccentrics?

We happened to have a small debate on successful people in our office, and my argument was most successful people are/were eccentrics! Of course people had their points against me, but then the discussion stopped midway. Hence thought would blog on what SUCCESS is all about!

My birthday on 9th April!

This year my birthday falls on a Good Friday, the day when Jesus Christ was crucified, so thought I will not celebrate it. My misconception about Jesus Christ was completely shattered after watching 10 minutes of Passion of Jesus Christ, the latest movie released by Mel Gibson. The movie converted me into a sincere FAN of Jesus Christ, not a Christian though!

My experience and experiment with SPIRITS!

I don’t remember from when I started believing in the concept of spirits, and also could not recollect who introduced me to them. But I know for sure they always scared the shit out of me. I kept myself away from getting involved in these vague paranormal entities until I watched a TV program about MEDIUMS on Raj TV’s Bio Data!

Me and My psychic powers!

After my ecstatic experience with my Kundalini, I started spending more and more time meditating. Thanks for all the motivation given to me by my Guru. Few funny things started happening as days passed. I started having visions about my life. I saw my life unfolding in the form of a movie… I knew what will I be, and also when I will die! It was scary, but then I was happy I knew it.

Kundalini awakening in ME!

I had read many books on Kundalini, and all kept mentioning the same thing that it is an energy pocket hidden under the urostyle, and you can initiate that by deep meditation. Theory wasn’t helping me much. I needed a miracle in my life, hence stopped seeking spiritual growth from 1995.

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