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Life so far - The real side of me!

I never was interested in my curriculum. I studied only because my parents wanted me to. Honestly my father was (is) a terror, and I remember I used pee in my pants when he yelled at me. Looking back there are no regrets about how life has happened to me. I should sincerely thank the co-education concept and all those girls and women in schools & colleges who kept motivating me all through my life. Even their silence meant a lot to me.

When I was bribed

I am no one to judge. Neither I am against corruption nor I am for it. I believe in the law of karma, but sometimes I have failed to see the law manifesting instantly. If Karma means 'as u sow, so shall u reap' then why did the father of ahimsa Mahatma Gandhi got shot dead while Cambodian dictator Pol Pot died a peaceful and natural death even after killing 2 million people?

Alter Ego – Hey, what’s wrong?

Myself – I really don’t know. May be male menses or I should say things aren’t moving at the pace I want them to.

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