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People change with time!

I had already met him 2 years back, and the experience wasn?t good. He was under tremendous stress, portrayed a villain like look, didn?t look into my eyes while negotiating and seemed very cunning. The business tie up broke, and we parted ways with bitter memories. I never wanted to meet him this time, but I had to. My colleague wanted me to have a word with him, because we were tying up with him again. I crossed my table with hell lot of reservations, but what I saw was inexplicable.

Most holy places in India are situated on mountaintops. And I could not find any person who could give me an apt answer for this trend? Is it because God doesn’t want to see you? Or is it because he wants to test your patience? It took a lot of time for me to interpret about why is it so difficult to visit a pilgrimage of your choice even when you have enough money and power!

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