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All in the divine plan!

One fine morning I had two questions on my mind ? do I have a dream? And am I moving towards it? I got negative answers to both the questions. I had to pull my socks, and convince myself to take the decision. The final decision of breaking free from the job I was currently doing. At least I need to come out of the comfort zone of posh office, clean bathrooms, centralized a/cs and 24 hours of net connectivity!

How to differentiate between intuition and illusion?

Every seed has the potential to become a tree provided it gets the right environment to grow. The same way every human being is blessed with the power of intuition, and it depends upon the individual about how he/she goes about sharpening his/her power.

Mantras that work ? part 1

I need to thank the divine and my spiritual teacher to have bestowed upon me this wonderful science of mantra shastra. The topic I am going to blog isn't new. It was always been there - but the one who knew never shared the knowledge, and kept it as a community affair. Hope my blog helps and guides people who are in search of the ultimate truth - God!

When I became a believer!

I always found life useless. In fact I feel there is no need a person should be alive. The lift pattern is more or less the same for all. People are born, few get formal education few don?t, few study well few don?t, few get a good job few don?t, few get married few don?t, few become rich few don?t. There are few things that remain common for all ? all need food to survive, everyone has only 5 taste buds, the ratio of time a person stays happy and sad are similar for both - a beggar in Varanasi and the Microsoft head Bill Gates. What is different? Nothing. The chunks of people who feel that life is beyond these material successes become sanyasis ? but what next? Even they are incapable of escaping the cycle of birth, rebirths and death!

What I understood about Osho Rajneesh!

I got introduced to Osho Rajneesh?s work in my 1st MA by one of my close classmates. I found his work very interesting, and his arguments fabulous. Osho somehow seemed to clear all the doubts I had about sanyas, religion and spirituality in the most lucid language. I was addicted to him and read no other books than his. And it took me 5 years for me to realize how dumb I was!

Coorg – a walk in the clouds! Part 2

Rekha, one of my friends, has started her own blog which talks about movie gossips. Try visiting and don’t forget to leave a comment – it will make her feel better. Today I have discovered that writing a travelogue is more tiring than the travel itself. Check out Part 2 of my trip to Coorg!

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