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Answer to the most sought after question!

There is an interesting argument that is thrown to an astrologer many a times by both the believers and the non-believers. Even I have asked the same question to few astrologers thinking I was smart enough to put the astrologer down. Not many could give a convincing reply, until I myself learnt astrology and tried finding the answer to it. “Will 2 different people have the same future, if they are born on the same day, at the same time and in the same place?”

Why people call me Kennedi!

Kennedi? Was your father a JFK fan? That invariably is the first question people ask me in any interview. I know this isn?t going to bother anybody in the world why people call me Kennedi, I still thought I would throw some fascinating fact about why I was named one. I was born to a Christian mom and Hindu father, and always contemplated of marrying a Muslim woman so that whenever there is a communal clash, the rioters go confused.

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