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My meeting with saintly people ? part 1!

I always had a fascination for saintly people who have huge following of rich disciples. I am amazed at the palatial ashrams they live in, the top-class educational institutions they run, and all the free medical help they render through their hospitals. No wonder, I fell prey to this spiritual romanticism and aim at constructing a similar ashram in the near future. Somehow I am blessed to meet these Babas through the right people, and I succeed in meeting them in person even if there are thousands of people waiting for the darshan. Yesterday, I happen to meet Melmaruvathur Adi Parashakti Amma , and by divine help I was one of the only 10 people out of the crowd of 35,000 to have touched his lotus feet on the 1st days of Navrathri ? considered to be very auspicious by all means.

I am off to Tiruppur!

I am off to Tiruppur - the banian city, to meet my parents for a couple of days and will be back on Sunday morning. Do mail me your queries to my mail ID

Use Hinduism to become a Christian to reach Islam!

There is a general perception that all other religion except Hinduism are individual perceptions preached by Messengers of God, and that Hinduism is not a religion but is ?a way of life?. It can be considered true to some extent but then even Hinduism was formulated by a set of people - just that the number of people involved were more compared to Christianity or Islam. Hinduism never had ONE supreme preacher, and people whoever spread the religion spoke about things that were always part of the Hindu scriptures.

People who inspired me to be jobless & happy!

I don?t remember a day in my life when my future seemed so adventurous and exciting. Right from the age of 2 ? when I was put in my Jr KG Class, I hardly remember a day when my ?tomorrow? was unplanned. I had homework in schools, assignment in colleges, and unrealistic deadlines in offices. I always wanted to do things that which is in sync with the divine plan. Efforts become struggle if you try doing something that is against your purpose of life. And the people who have known their purposes in their lives have always lived a content life. Happiness never depends on the amount of money you have says Forbes , so I need not talk about it much.

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