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The dream innings I never played!

I loved to play cricket since childhood - more so because unlike other team games there was no need to run much, jump, snatch, pull, push or fall. May be that was the reason why cricket was termed as the Gentleman’s game. I was the super star in my apartment. There were only 10 boys of different age groups who met in the evening to play. No match would take place in my absence. It was indeed ego boosting, but it was much later I realised that they wouldn’t start because I was the only guy to have got a good bat, stumps & also a ball!

The lessons I learnt!

I was always blessed with enough money hence I had this feeling that that money was never important for survival. And I still think the same. But now I need to accept one fact that except for happiness, money can buy you everything else. All your desires can be brought into reality using money, and also many relationships are based on the amount of cash you carry!

My new life & my new approach!

It is almost 7 months that I quit my 9.15 to 5.45 job ( After 30 years of existence, for the first time I feel that I am living my life for myself. I lived my childhood for my parents, I did my Post Graduation for being accepted by the society and I worked for 7 ½ years thinking that is what was needed to have a good family life.

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