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I saw a cool looking hype guy riding on his Yezdi (bike) today. He with no effort could overtake everyone – including me. I usually don’t go beyond 40 km/hr – not that I am afraid of death, but I hate speed. I met him in the next signal. Once the signal was open, he would rip again, and again I would meet him in the next signal. This is true with life too. How much ever you worry, how much ever you try hard, how much ever you put effort & struggle – you still will reach only where destiny wants to take you. You cannot even lift a stone with your effort - if the time isn’t ripe. And my brother in law’s (BIL) marriage is quite an example!

Finally I shifted my house � thanks to Saturn!

I was analyzing my own chart a year back, and was wondering what will Saturn Transit 2004-2005 have in store for me. I told my wife that, �Saturn transit clubbed with a new dasha (period) of Mercury would ideally change my career, and also by May/June 2005 we should be changing our house. We will be moving to a new place of residence.� I won�t take credit for the former prediction coming true, because may be I influenced the event. I quit Sify, and started on my own. But I cannot restrain myself from saluting this wonderful science/art of astrology to have made my 2nd prediction come true!

I spent a sleepless night. The flashes of the disgusting incident kept me furious the whole evening. I didn’t know what was destined the next morning – whether I will get more slaps & punches or will it be a giving back time – in any case I was sure that I am going to the venue no matter what may come. I had complete trust on my friends ‘cause I have been always blessed with good friends. But the irony was they were always too good - they never smoked, they never drank, they never went behind girls, and they never had any nexus with the underworld.

I wore the same dress for sentiment sake. I reached the venue at the same time, but she didn’t turn up. I was a bit dejected. And suddenly my friend spotted her taking another route. She was avoiding us?!! We were on a bicycle, and she had her bicycle too. We started chasing her, as if it was some kind of rape sequence happening in some old Hindi movie.

Her name was Chandarani. Nope, she wasn’t someone dancing in one of Rekha’s khotas. She was my school mate, 2 years junior to me on whom I had a serious crush. I was doing my 10th and she was in her 8th standard. I saw her first when was playing ‘luppa chuppi’ (hide & seek) with her mates. She was fair, she was fat, she had a bob cut, and an enchanting smile.

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