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The difference between bad time and good time!

I am a staunch believer of Karma and Destiny. And I keep reiterating to all that all our lives are predetermined that we are just a puppet in the hands of the almighty. An injury on your head, the kind of education you will get, the time at which you will get married, when will you be changing your houses or buying your own house, or what would be the colour of your new vehicle. It is all there in your natal chart.

I am featured on Business World magazine!!

By the grace of God, the cosmic planetary positions and JAM Editor Rashmi Bansal – I have been featured on India’s largest selling business magazine - Business World. The interview has come out really well. If you are my friend, client or a well wisher just try buying a copy. I am not marketing the magazine here, it just that I look adorable in the print ;)

The power of prayers & my service just for YOU!

The last 30 days were really difficult. There were many ups and downs emotionally, and I had to struggle a lot to bring my life back into a pattern. My parents are here as my father has health problems, and astrologically he is running a bad phase, and also my horoscope doesn’t support his health much. Accordingly his condition deteriorated after coming to Chennai.

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