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A long blog about a ‘kutti’ (small) miracle!

I am on abstinence for Lord Ayyappa. And there were many who said, you aren’t supposed to be because your father died recently. There is a general belief that you should not go to Sabarimala, if someone close dies that particular year. But Lord Ayyappa is so addictive that you really can’t resist yourself from seeing him. As the season (Karthikai month in Tamil calendar) was nearing, I had to call up my Guruswami (the teacher who initiates you into seeking Lord Ayyappa) and brief him about the situation. He asked me to come over, and we shall discuss.

How death checkmates life – Part 2 - Final!

The soul always knows the life’s journey, but it is the mind that creates illusions. The soul is related to the divine, while the mind is related to the body. Mind is addicted to desires, and is always in search of better pay package, bigger house, newer car, prettier wife and better sexual life. Hence great saints say lessen your desires and you might see God. It simply means that when we are able to lessen our desires, the mind stops functioning and tries to become one with the soul. And this is the time when we start knowing the divine link in whatsoever – good or bad- is happening in our life and around us.

Here are the rest of the divine signs or events that takes place before a person dies.

How death checkmates life – Part 1!

It is almost 3 months my dad expired, and my sister is still trying to find the possible reason for his demise. Of course he had health problems since last 3 years, but then his sudden death could not be digested by her so soon. She tries to decipher - was it because the doctors didn’t tell us the seriousness of his health? Was it because he traveled a lot towards his death in spite of a weak heart? Was it because my mom delayed the night dosage of tablet by an hour? Was it because my dad sat in a full blast a/c car just 30 mns before his death? Or was it because my chart really had a bad combination for my father’s health? Had I not met my astro-spiritual teacher K Gopalakrishnan in the year 2002, I would have never been able to write this particular blog!

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