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Is it free will or is it destiny? This is an unending debate. The people who suffer in spite of hard work think life is destined. They understand their limitations sooner or later that they cannot change their life pattern. And the egoistic people who think they are responsible for all their actions think life is all about free will. And that you have the power to change your fate – how foolish they are! If the latter is true – I am sure that no auto rickshaw driver wants to live and die as an auto rickshaw driver. Even they would have thought about becoming the Prime Minister or President of a country at least a Super Star in the movie industry. What went wrong? May be they didn’t put their effort in the right direction! Well even Abdul Kalam wanted to become a pilot it seems, and later ender up becoming a scientist and now a President! What does that mean? Does that mean Abdul Kalam’s life unfolded through his free will or he was destined to become the President of India? Or was it because Abdul Kalam didn’t put the right effort to become a pilot hence became the President of India?!

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