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Bomb blasts rips Mumbai apart!

Serial bomb blasts rocked Mumbai on 11th Tuesday, 2006. Eight bombs explodes and few hundreds are dead – a sad episode indeed. Someone mailed me asking, can astrology be used to predict these events, so that the real events can be avoided! And I said, it was predicted – not precisely though.

An insight….

There are only two outcomes when the art of Indian Astrology is used to predict events or human lives. The prediction is either right or the prediction is wrong. There are no in betweens. There are no spaces for the ‘law of possibilities’ or ‘law of chances. Astrologers who take the path of possibilities are more successful monetarily – because there are no risks involved. They can escape by soothe saying - if you try, it will happen, if you don’t try, it will not happen. The blame of failures or the glory of success is transferred to the native’s laziness and efforts respectively.

The more I know, the more I am unknown!

I carry an ego of being a Masters in Mass Communication with 8 years of experience in the Internet Industry. I carry an ego about being a good astrologer, a tarot reader, and also a Vaasthu and Fengshu consultant (thanks to my teacher to have taught them to me at a terrific pace). I carry an ego about knowing average English, and of handling an OK blog site. What if someone clad in a white waisty, white kurta, chewing beetle leaf and with no knowledge of English make you eat dirt in just 30 minutes? What if you are made to feel that whatever you know is nothing in comparison to what you can probably know? And what if in few minutes you think – your intelligence, knowledge and information has gone to ZERO and that you know NOTHING?!

The Da Vinci Code!

I am through with Dan Brown’s latest work The Da Vinci Code. I never read fictions. This was only my second novel I read after Sidney Sheldon’s The Doomsday Conspiracy. I found the Da Vinci Code – quite interesting and exhilarating – may be because of the religious connotation it carried. The work is really well researched, has an awesome pace, and gives the reader some insights into things, which we normally refuse to see or accept – for instance the painting of The Last Supper - by Leonarda Da Vinci!

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