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Is Michael Jackson God?!!

All that I knew about him was – that he was a black American who changed himself white through some plastic surgery, that he was a king of pop, that he could moon walk the best, that he got into pedophilic controversies, and later he got into bankruptcy too. The other things I heard about him was he had a chimp as a friend & lives mostly in an Oxygen chamber. I thought this information was good enough for me to build an opinion about the pop star Michael Jackson (MJ).


“You have got a BIG ego”- a lot of people have told me this. Since years I have been reading about understanding what ego is all about, and what are the steps to be followed to lose it. I have been meditating on losing my ego, and also have tried many other ways to get rid of it - but eventually I have failed miserably. It was my conversation with my alter ego, which gave me some insight into the concept of my ego!

My relationship with my teachers – part 2 - final!

Destiny followed me to the Indian Express, Mumbai too. I loved the work, and things were going smooth till I got a nasty mail from my boss. This mail accused me of ‘Dereliction of Duty,’ that too of no fault of mine. I got that mail in spite of me doing 12-hours of night shifts for 3 months continuously without taking a single day off. We were left out with only 3 people, who had to handle 24/7 online updation of news on the Latest News section of This was the time when I realized that effort never leads to success - it is always your destiny that decides what should be given to you and what not. With the feeling of utter dejection I thought it was time to move on, and I landed up in!

My relationship with teachers – part 1!

In one of my first classes of astrology in 2002 my Astro & Spiritual teacher K Gopalakrishnan told me something that worried me a lot. He said, “you will learn astrology from me, and also you will do well in astrology, but then you will have major problems with me later.” I said, “how can I ever go against you or rather how can I ever fight with you. Whatever be the problem I will put all my efforts to put it right.” He added that, “I am not your only teacher, you will meet many others and learn many things from others too”. I asked, “on what basis are you confirming that?” And he coolly said, “you have Rahu debilitated in your 9th house of teachers, and your 9th lord goes into your 12th house of loss”! Astrologically it is a bad combination for a good relationship with – father, teachers, bosses, superiors, & seniors!

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