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God’s grace to possess a vehicle!

I have been saving money to buy a car, and astrologically before August 2007 I should be getting a car. I invested in a bicycle recently, and have been saving most of my income to invest in a liability - car. I had sold my motorbike n 2004 to have some liquid cash on hand, and I had to hand over the money to my bother in law (BIL 1) – for his condition was worse than me on the financial front then.

I appraise myself!

On the scale of A to E, where A is excellent and E is bad I gave myself B, and my boss gave me C. In the next appraisal I gave myself D and my boss gave me B. But ironically when I was given C my salary hike was better than when I was given B!!! I never understood the logic, and neither did my boss.

The power of Tirupathi!

I predicted a job change for one of my clients in the month of November 2006, and he was jobless till January 2007. And another client for whom I had predicted a job change in the month of February 2007 was jobless till April 2007. I could see a similar pattern in both their charts – though the planets were placed strongly for an interesting job change - the event was getting postponed for God knows what reason.

Is astrology far ahead of medical science!

They met me a year ago. They were completely content & satisfied about how life was treating them. They had a son, a new car, and a handsome paying job for the husband. Yeah - as any body else – they had many debts, and they needed some more finances to lead a luxurious life. They consulted me the very next day after they had a major fight, and they wanted to go in for a divorce!

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