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Want to learn astrology?

I have met only 3 kinds of people – the one who don’t know any thing about astrology, and doesn’t believe in it, the one who knows a bit of astrology and believes in it, and third who doesn’t know anything about astrology but still believes in it. I am yet to find someone who knows astrology and then doesn’t believe in it.

A difficult client!

I had read a Zen story long back. A seeker reaches a master and asks him - if he can help him get enlightened. The master quietly reaches out for a jug and a glass full of water. He pours water into the already full glass. The glass kept overflowing. The seeker, a bit confused, asks the master, why are you trying to fill the already filled glass. And the master replies, you are already full with your own ideologies, dogmas and scriptures, how can I help you get enlightened? Now the master empties the glass and then pours water into it - and says, first go and empty yourself, only then I will be able to help you in the process of getting enlightenment!

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